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Vegans will go nuts about our Walnut Whirls!


Who can remember a couple of years back when Nestle announced they were removing the walnut from their new line of Walnut Whips after the price of nuts soared?  Outrage!  

These traditional family favourites were originally produced by Duncan's of Edinburgh (who also happened to produce our best selling Parisian Creams) as far back as 1910 and were always, always topped with half a walnut.  

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Our biggest Easter Egg ever!! Can you guess it's weight?

The Easter Bunny arrived early this week to Geraldo's and donated this very large Easter Egg to us.  We, in turn, are donating it to the Children's Ward of Crosshouse Hospital in Ayrshire for Easter, but can you guess it's weight?  If you pop over to our Facebook page why not take a guess and try your luck?

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Our handmade chocolates

Our handmade chocolates are carefully selected, boxed by hand and can be delivered to your door. Want to know more about where they come from? Then read on... 

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