Clydeside Distillery

In 2017 Tim Morrison opened The Clydeside Distillery, fulfilling his ambition to revive distilling Single Malt Whisky once more in Glasgow. With over a century of whisky making in his family history, starting with Stanley P. Morrison, who was one of Glasgow’s most successful whisky brokers, it seems fitting that Tim is now bringing whisky distilling back to the city's docks.

Whisky runs through Glasgow's industrial heritage like the River Clyde itself, which is why the gleaming new Clydeside Distillery at the old Queens Dock has a touch of the inevitable about it. 

The Distillery is located in the Pumphouse building, which once controlled all the comings and goings at the famous Queen’s Dock. This building pumped hydraulic power for the swing bridge, witnessing ships leaving the docks carrying whisky destined for every continent.