Perfect Pairings for Drink Wine Day


“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range of enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.” – Ernest Hemingway

February 18th marks ‘National Drink Wine Day’, a time to stop and savour a few sips! Originally a holiday in the US, Drink Wine Day has been spreading across the world over the last two decades, matching a worldwide love of the drink.

Drink Wine Day isn’t about bringing on the mother of all hangovers, though. Rather, it’s about enjoying and savouring wine, and perhaps trying something a bit more deluxe than your everyday tipple.

One of the best and most responsible ways to enjoy wine is with some delicious food. As lovers of good wine and purveyors of luxury, handmade chocolate, we’ve got the ultimate guide for enjoying a glass of tipple with your favourite sweet treats!


Milk Chocolate

Mellow and versatile, milk chocolate pairs best with a subtle, well-balanced wine such as Pinot Noir.

Montsable Pinot Noir, IGP Pays D'Oc & Milk Chocolate Droste Pastilles

Pair this silky and well balanced Pinot Noir with its aroma of black cherries and elegant floral notes with some delicious Droste Milk Pastilles.

Montsable Pinot NoirDroste Milk Pastilles


Iona, Pinot Noir, South Africa & Organza Gift Bag of Chocolate Hearts

This powerful Pinot Noir with floral and spicy notes is produced in the Elgin Highlands in South Africa, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Pair it with this Organza Gift Bag of Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts for a perfect belated Valentine's celebration!

 Iona Pinot Noir

White Chocolate

Purists may argue that it isn’t ‘really’ chocolate, but sometimes a sweet, creamy white chocolate hit is what you need! It’s best paired with light wines to complement the sweetness.

Calusari, Pinot Grigio, Romania & Chommelier Lemon & Citron White Chocolate

This beautifully light, vibrant white wine, appreciated for its zesty, citrus character and refreshing notes, will pair perfectly with Laurence chocolatier's Chommelier Lemon & Citron White Chocolate Slices.

Calusari Pinot Grigio

Domaine Klur, Le Katz Noisette, Gewürztraminer, France & Giant White Chocoalte Buttons

This semi-dry Gewürztraminer from Domaine Klur boasts a captivating rose, pickled mango and lychee aroma, which is well balanced on the palate with a touch of residual sugar and excellent acidity. Try it with some giant white chocolate buttons - perfect for sharing!

Domain Klur Le Katz Noisette

Dark Chocolate

Strong and sometimes dominating, dark chocolate pairs best with a robust Ruby Port or a sweet Sherry.

Delaforce 'His Eminence’s Choice' 10yo Tawny Port & Monty Bojangles Midnight Prince Truffle Tin

An easy to drink, beautifully balanced port, which is just what a 10 year old tawny should be. Fresh and minerally, with plum tart and cherry pie flavours that feature some tangerine hints, it's the purrfect (couldn't resist) partner for the Monty Bojangles Midnight Prince Truffle Tin.

Delaforce Tawny Port

Bodegas Gutíerrez Colosia Sherry & Chocolate & Love Rich 71% Dark Chocolate

This naturally sweet sherry from Spain is dark in colour with aromas of caramelised raisins and molasses, with an intense finish. Pair with a simple but indulgent bar of 71% dark chocolate from Chocolate & Love.


Filled and Flavoured Chocolates

If you’re a fan of our seasonal truffless and filled chocolates, or our classic Parisian Creams, the trick is to look for a wine that matches the filling flavour profile.

Pair your Parisians with Château L'Escarelle Organic Rosé Wine or Felino Malbec, Argentina


For caramel lovers, try Manos Negras, Artesano Semillon, Argentina or Montsable Chardonnay, IGP Pays D'Oc, France


And if you're a fan of pralines, opt for Bodegas Luis Cañas, Rioja Blanco, DOCa, Spain, or push the boat out with Pierre Mignon, Grande Reserve Premier Cru, Champagne




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