Our handmade chocolates


Our handmade chocolates are carefully selected, boxed by hand and delivered to your door.  Want to know more about where they come from?  Read on...

Handmade Chocolates

Our chocolate suppliers:

We are supplied by several chocolate houses spanning the UK and Europe.  Our suppliers are all different sizes from small family businesses like ours to large manufacturers and all our chocolates are personally tasted and selected before they are considered for our cabinet.  We visit our suppliers on a regular basis to ensure that high standards of quality are maintained and to talk about new products and ideas.

Producing fine quality chocolates is not for the 'hobby' chocolatier.  All our loose chocolates are produced by expert manufacturers with many years training (the owners of some of the larger manufacturers have PhD's in Chemistry.)  You'll find we have classic and contemporary styles from both British and mainland European producers, all of whom we have met personally.

One of our largest suppliers, and most local to us, is James McLehry of the Isle of Arran Chocolate Factory who supplies us with his own Arran Chocolates and is commissioned by the Caledonian Confectionery Co to supply us with Caledonian Creams (Parisian Creams). These are our best selling chocolate range and not available from James on the island; only in a few selected retailers in mainland Scotland.

Knowing good chocolate:

Cocoa butter melts at body temperature so chocolate should melt in the mouth.  If there is a coating left around your mouth it is the hydrogenated vegetable fat used in cheap chocolate.  This is what makes you reach for a glass of water after eating it.  Good chocolate won't do that.

Chocolatiers give their chocolates a name which usually means nothing to a customer and the word 'praline' can cover a multitude of chocolates.  In Belgium for instance, a 'pralineur' is the person who makes filled chocolates.  Sometimes people think of pralines as just chocolates filled with hazelnut paste but a praline selection could have all sorts of fillings: orange, coffee, gianduja, marzipan - the list is endless.

At Geraldo’s our labels give a brief description of the type of chocolate on display. Get to know our chocolates and what's inside them. Favourites are Parisian Creams, Chocolate Gingers and Rose & Violet Creams but with so many to choose from why not select a box of assorted chocolates and be prepared to be surprised with each and every one of them.


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