World Chocolate Day 2021


World Chocolate Day 2020

As if we need an excuse to indulge in one of our favourite treats, but it is World Chocolate Day on Wednesday 7th July, so why not join us for a chocolate treat or surprise a loved one with a box of their favourite chocolates?

Why is World Chocolate Day in July?

It seems a little strange that we're asked to celebrate chocolate at the height of our summer (well, what should be our summer!). Apparently the reason is that cocoa was first brought to Europe on 7th July 1550, although there are reports that it was introduced a lot earlier by Christopher Columbus in 1502 when he returned from his 4th mission to the 'New World'.  No matter what's true, we're always happy to have an excuse to celebrate and treat ourselves to chocolate!

Our Handmade Chocolates

Handmade Luxury Chocolates

Whether you are a milk, dark or white chocolate fan, like truffles, pralines, nutty or boozy chocolates, we have a varied selection of luxury chocolates to tempt all tastebuds. 

We're truly passionate about our handmade chocolates and also quite unique because we are independent of any single producer or franchise, giving us the freedom to source the best quality chocolates we can find from individual chocolate producers spanning the UK and Europe.

We have around 80-100 premium chocolates in our display cabinet including traditional and seasonal favourites from chocolatiers such as Frank Visser, Pralibel, Duva, Kimberley's, Van Coillie and The Arran Chocolate Factory in Scotland. Find out more about these Chocolate Houses here.

Our Chocolate Gift Boxes

Whether you are looking for a little gift, an indulgent treat or something special for a loved one, our Chocolate Gift Boxes certainly have the 'Wow' factor.

Handmade Chocolates in a Ballotin Gift Box

Geraldo's Deluxe Gift Boxes and Ballotin Gift Boxes contain a carefully chosen selection of traditional and seasonal handmade chocolates from all of our artisan chocolatiers. These gift boxes are certainly unique as you won't find them anywhere else!

 Parisian Creams

Our best selling Scottish Parisian Creams are always a year-round favourite, created by The Isle of Arran Chocolate Factory who are commissioned by The Caledonian Confectionery Company to use the original Duncan's recipe for these traditional favourites. 

The delicious fondant fillings are enrobed in thick dark chocolate couverture and they literally crack open and melt in your mouth. Suitable for vegans too (just ask to omit the caramel flavour).

Picasso Chocolates Banner

Visser's 'Picasso' handpainted chocolates are also hugely popular and don't they look stunning? Frank Visser's amazing understanding of quality ingredients and food pairings with creative flavours like orange blossom, raspberry and rose to goji berry and yoghurt ensure these chocolates taste as good as they look. 

Chocolate Tasters

Last, but certainly not least are the gorgeous Chocolate Tasters.  Perfect way to have a little taste of what we have on offer, pop in your handbag or give as a little extra gift. They are simply irresistable!

So how do we celebrate World Chocolate Day?

By eating lots of chocolate of course! 😉 Why not join the celebrations?

Happy World Chocolate Day



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