Chocolate and Love Organic, Fairtrade Vegan Chocolate Bars

Sea Salt and Caramel Chocolate InStock Pomegranate Dark Chocolate 70% InStock Rich 71% Dark Chocolate InStock Panama Dark Chocolate 80% InStock Creamy Dark 55% (NOT VEGAN) InStock Mint Crunch Dark Chocolate 67% InStock Orange Dark Chocolate 65% InStock Coffee 55% Dark Chocolate InStock Passion Fruit 65% Dark 85g InStock Hazelnut 50% Milk Chocolate InStock Ginger 100% Dark InStock

Chocolate & Love is excellent quality, ethically made, organic chocolate at an affordable price, all wrapped in bespoke hand-painted designs.

Choose from a range of exquisite flavours crafted from the finest ingredients:

  • Sea Salt and Vegan Caramel Dark Chocolate
  • Mint Crunch 67% Dark Chocolate
  • Pomegranate 70% Dark Chocolate
  • Orange 65% Dark Chocolate
  • Panama 80% Dark Chocolate
  • Rich 71% Dark Chocolate
  • Coffee 55% Dark Chocolate
  • Hazelnut 50% Milk Chocolate
  • Creamy Dark 55% (not vegan)

Net Weight (per bar): 80g

The silver inside wrapper is compostable foil based on sustainable wood pulp from plantations employing Forestry Management principles. It is certified to EU and US biodegradability and composting standards. 

Flavour Profiles

Sea Salt and Vegan Caramel Chocolate

To all the fans of sweet and salty pairings, this is the perfect combination. The fusion of the caramel crunch and the dash of sea salt creates a deliciously naughty flavour experience. But be warned, it is addictive.

Mint Crunch 67% Dark Chocolate

The natural peppermint oil provides a fresh yet mild flavour, and combined with the crunchy texture and dark chocolate, this makes for a bar simply irresistible to mint lovers! This organic dark chocolate bar brings quite a sensation to the taste buds. 

Pomegranate 70% Dark Chocolate

The cacao originates from Madagascar, valued worldwide for its unique flavour notes, with hints of citrus and natural sweetness. Pomegranate is tart, and Madagascan cocoa beans are known for their natural fruity flavour; together, they provide a truly tantalizing flavour experience.

Orange 65% Dark Chocolate

The natural oil from cold pressing the ripe fruit peels of fresh oranges gives this chocolate an incredible zesty yet mellow taste with beautifully well-balanced flavours.

Panama 80% Dark Chocolate

This pleasingly high-percentage chocolate is full-bodied yet mild, decadent and incredibly smooth with hints of nuts and an extraordinary chocolate flavour, ideal for the chocolate purist. We challenge you to find a smoother, less bitter, 80% chocolate bar.

Rich 71% Dark Chocolate

First encounter notes of red berries followed by fresh, slightly acidic notes, a generous, complex taste, finishing with a delicious chocolatey flavour and an excellent melt. The bar is rich, perfect for dark chocolate lovers.

Creamy Chocolate 55% with Cacao Nibs

A creamy chocolate with cacao nibs (the inside of the cacao beans) for a gorgeous crunchy texture, bringing a light roasted flavour. 


Allergens: All bars may contain traces of milk, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts.

Sea Salt and Vegan Caramel Chocolate (Vegan)

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, caramel pieces* 10% (cane sugar*, fructose*), cocoa butter*, whole cane sugar*, sea salt 0.39%, vanilla pods*.

Cocoa: 65% minimum.

Mint Crunch 67% Dark Chocolate (Vegan)

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, peppermint crunch* 10% (cane sugar*, natural peppermint oil*), whole cane sugar* and vanilla pods*.

Cocoa: 67% minimum.

Pomegranate 70% Dark Chocolate (Vegan)

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter* pomegranate preparation* 9% (pomegranate*, apple juice concentrate*, rice flour*, thickener* [pectin*]), vanilla pods*. 

Cocoa: 70% minimum.

Orange 65% Dark Chocolate (Vegan)

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole cane sugar*, natural orange oil* 0.15% vanilla pods*.

Cocoa: 65% minimum.

Panama 80% Dark Chocolate (Vegan)

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter* and vanilla pods*. 

Cocoa: 80% minimum.

Rich 71% Dark Chocolate (Vegan)

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole cane sugar* and vanilla pods*. 

Cocoa: 71% minimum.

Creamy Dark 55% (NOT Vegan)

Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole cane sugar*, MILK fat* 7.5%, cacao nibs* 6% and vanilla pods*.

*Certified organic. Cocoa, sugar, vanilla are Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers.

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