Storing your chocolates at home.

We're often asked how best to store your chocolates, especially if they're for a gift.  

You don’t have to keep them in a fridge but a cool, dry room or cupboard away from sunlight is preferable with 16° C being ideal.

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Raising a glass to International Women’s Day

Just two months ago my friend Linda Hill, from LAH Travel, approached me to join forces with 8 other business women to raise funds for the Ayrshire Hospice. What we achieved in a little over 6 weeks just goes to show how the power of a few like-minded women can achieve just about anything.

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What would we do without our Mothers?

These last two years have been all about my dad, but I certainly couldn't have done it without my mum, known by many as Sweet Caroline.

This Mother's Day will be all about everyone else's Mum as we'll be in the shop as usual serving up FREE CHOCOLATES to YOUR Mum if you choose to take a run to Largs and visit us on the day.

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Spread the love!

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Look no further as we have beautifully packaged handmade chocolates and Valentines confectionery on our shelves and on our website. You’re sure to find something special this Valentine’s Day.

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Your 'Geraldo's Wish List'

As a customer of Geraldo's of Largs, we'd love to know what would be on your 'Geraldo's Wish List'?  Over Christmas did you find what you were looking for?  What would you like for Easter?  We'd love to hear from you.

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Sell out success at Geraldo's GinFest

Geraldo’s GinFest was a sell-out success as 250 gin lovers descended on The Brisbane House Hotel last Friday. Attendees came from across the U.K. including London, Northern Ireland, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Inverness. We were amazed at how far gin fans travel for their favourite tipple.

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