What would we do without our Mothers?


ice cream served by sweet caroline

These last two years have been all about my dad, but I certainly couldn't have done it without my mum, known by many as Sweet Caroline.

Rebranding my business in memory of my dad's name, Geraldo, and re-fitting my shop has been a real rollercoaster of emotions and throughout it all my mum has been a constant steady rock, a reassuring voice of encouragement and the voice of reason if my ideas seemed too absurd at times.

From her teenage years serving up 'Caroline's Ices' in Ayr in the 60's to 30 years of ice cream outlets on the seafront in Saltcoats, is it any wonder I chose to produce ice cream in Largs with my mother by my side sharing her vast wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm?

This Mother's Day will be all about everyone else's Mum as we'll be in the shop as usual serving up FREE CHOCOLATES to YOUR Mum if you choose to take a run to Largs and visit us on the day.

Alternatively, you can buy a wide range of chocolates or gifts from us online and perhaps visit us some other time.

Don't forget our NEW Spring Drinks Fest is in April and tickets are now on sale so why not treat your Mum to a ticket for Mother's Day? 


No matter what, next time you're in Largs do please visit us and ask for an ice cream from Sweet Caroline. It'll make her day!

 Happy Mother's Day!





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