New Whisky Releases


New Whisky Releases

Having established a good relationship with many Scottish whisky distilleries, we're often offered allocations of limited edition releases which are always in great demand. These include an excellent selection of whiskies from distilleries such as Arran, Springbank, Glen Scotia, Adelphi, Carn Mor and Lindores to name a few.

After discussing our process of selling these with representatives at the distilleries, we have operated the same system for selling these to our customers for a number of years.  It is a three stage process which you can see below. 

PLEASE NOTE - We do NOT operate a reserve list.  It's also very difficult for us to respond to all the social media releases when a product is released so please stick to the rules everyone. Also we offer UK delivery only and do not currently ship overseas.

1. Masterclass List

First of all, we offer the new releases to our Whisky Masterclass List by email, inviting them to call our shop to place an order.  These people have been supporting us for many years and have attended and paid for tickets to our Whisky Masterclasses (currently paused until further notice due to Covid and limited supply).  If you have attended a Geraldo's Whisky Masterclass in the past, you should automatically be on this mailing list.

2. General Whisky List

Secondly we offer the whisky releases to our wider whisky mailing list by email, inviting them to also call our shop to order within a certain time frame.  Anyone can join this list simply by subscribing to our newsletter, but you must remember to tick the 'Whisky' interest box to be added to the relevant mailing list otherwise you will only be added to our general mailing list.  Please note that by joining our 'Whisky List' you will automatically receive our general mailings too. 


(Remember to select 'Whisky' as your Interest)

3. Available Online & In Store

Finally, the whisky releases are published online and stocked in our shop in Largs (if there are any left).


We believe that this is a fair and transparent way in which to sell these sought-after whisky releases.  We often restrict purchases to one bottle per customer, depending on our allocation, to allow as many of you as possible to get your favourite whiskies.

Thanks for your support and your understanding.


Toni & The Geraldo's Team x





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