It's Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2019!


Today is Beaujolais Nouveau Day!  It's marked in France on the third Thursday in November with fireworks, music and festivals. Under French law, the wine is released at 12:01 a.m., just weeks after the wine's grapes have been harvested. Parties are held throughout the country and further afield to celebrate the first wine of the season.  

Why don’t you join in?

Beaujolais Nouveau

To complement our new range of wines, we are taking part in Beaujolais Nouveau Day for the first time this year.  This year's Beaujolais Nouveau red wine is described by the producer as "A small but perfectly formed vintage".  It is made from the Gamay grape combines finesse, suppleness and elegance with delicate nuances of fresh red fruits and wild flowers. A bright young red wine, soft and fruity, with lively aromas of mulberries and red cherry. Light bodied and easy drinking.

Bojo Day

It is produced by Domaine Berrod which was founded in 1954 in France. This 22 hectare family domaine is masterfully run by René Berrod, his daughter and two sons. They take the greatest care of their old vines to ensure the wines are elegant and refined in every vintage expressing their cherished terroir in every glass.

René Berrod comments on this year's vintage,

"The harvest began on September 6 and ended on September 20, the sun shone throughout the harvest period. The quality of the grapes in 2019 are excellent, it was another hot summer with very little rain in August. A small but perfectly formed vintage."

Buy Beaujolais Nouveau online or in our shop in Largs.

Happy Beaujolais Nouveau day everyone!


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