Eat What You Want Day 2023


Thursday 11th May is Eat What You Want Day, an ideal day to treat yourself to your favourite food, be it a deliciously decadent dessert or a sublimely scrumptious salad – there are no rules! Today is a day to let loose and enjoy the things you love to eat, especially things you wouldn’t have every day. Consider this permission to treat yourself!

If you simply can’t decide what to treat yourself to, take some inspiration from the Geraldo’s Team:

Toni: “Anything coconut; preferably a full Napoli of coconut ice cream!”

Fun Fact: Napoli is the name for the large stainless steel ice cream pans! 

Linda: “Indian, Mexican or pasta… followed by ice cream!”

Alison: “Chinese, Italian/Pasta, chicken dishes… and a sweet dessert like sticky toffee pudding – with ice cream, of course!”

Margaret: “Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings. Then a cappuccino and some violet creams!”

Isla:Cheese. And Pasta. But mainly cheese.”

Ryan: “I love a good tortellini pasta with ham, and a good grating of caramelised onions over the top. Also a fan of the aged gouda cheese on a jacket potato with plenty of butter. Failing that, a Tikka Masala! I’m very cheese and whisky orientated.”

Jennie: “Got to be a good old fashioned fondue for me – warm cheese sauce and plenty of carbs to dip into it? That’s the dream.”

Cathy: “I’d love a whole load of crispy, crunchy white French bread; unfortunately, I can’t eat gluten! Luckily, there's a great selection of gluten free treats at Geraldo’s, but my favourites are the Mellis Gluten Free crackers, which are delicious!”


Still in need of some inspiration? Pop down and visit us in-store and we'll find you the perfect tasty treat! #EatWhatYouWantDay


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