Christmas Day Treats


Christmas Gifts & Treats

Christmas day is certainly a time to spoil yourself, your family and enjoy a little indulgence and after the last 2 years, we reckon that we all deserve a few treats!

Indulge in some exquisite luxury chocolates, sip on fine wine with your Christmas meal and enjoy a delicious cheeseboard selection accompanied with an Italian roast coffee to finish. By the time you put your feet up at the end of the day to watch a bit of tv, we're sure a premium liqueur will complete your Christmas day.

Festive Chocolates


Deluxe Christmas Chocolate Box


Described as "truly a wonderful treat" in a recent review by Hype Experiences, our luxury festive chocolates are hard to beat. Perfect to share with friends or family during the holidays, although we're sure they won't last long!

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Wine & Dine


Wine, Fizz and Port


Enjoy a lovely premium selection of wine, fizz & port this Christmas. If you're finding it hard to choose, then why not take a look at some of our Festive Wine Case Deals? We've handpicked a lovely selection of red, white and rosé wine, as well as some celebratory fizz to make your Christmas extra special.

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Cheeseboard Treats


Cheese and Biscuits


What better way to complete your Christmas dinner than with Scottish cheese, oatcakes & chutney, served on a wooden board handcrafted in Ayrshire?

We've got a really lovely cheese selection including Isle of Kintyre mature cheddar cheese flavoured with premium Campbeltown whiskies and craft gin.  As well as the hugely popular Arran cheese, oaties and oatcakes. Along with the range of festive and traditional chutneys made by the Hawkshead Relish Company, your after-dinner cheeseboard is complete.

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Luxury Italian Coffee

Luxury Coffee

Italian Aroma Coffee is a blend of quality Arabica & Robusta beans, hand roasted to a full chestnut colour, which produces a rich body, strong aroma and makes a lovely thick crema. Available in ground, beans or 100% compostable pods. A real treat for the coffee lovers and the perfect way to round off your Christmas meal.

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 Arran Gold Cream Liqueur

Arran Gold Liqueur

Made with a healthy dose of Arran whisky, this cream liqueur is THE perfect way to wind down and enjoy your Christmas evening in front of the tv.  Beautifully rich and creamy, it is no wonder why this is one of our best selling liqueurs.

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If you're looking for some more festive treats & gifts, take a look at our Christmas Gift Selection.  We're sure you'll find something that all your friends and family will love! 




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