An Evening with Robert Napier at Clydeside Distillery


On Thursday, 27th June, our Whisky Ambassador James Gillies and our Whisky Expert in training, Ryan Miller, headed to The Clydeside Distillery for the launch of their latest core release, Clydeside Napier.

After a warm welcome, including a traditional Stobcross with lemon and some delicious nibbles, it was time to learn a bit more about the distillery and this latest dram.

Norry Wilson, freelance journalist, then provided further context for the new expression’s namesake, Robert Napier. The influence of Napier on the Distillery’s surroundings is obvious, with the slipways of the Old Napier docks are just across the water, so he was a natural choice as namesake for this delicious new whisky.

Ryan Miller with Clydeside Distillery's Product Manager, Lauren Currie

“Quality, quality, quality…”

Napier’s catchphrase underpins the work of the Clydeside team, and especially describes this release. Napier is produced using clear water from Loch Katrine, 100% Scottish barley and has been matured for over 6 years in Oloroso sherry casks. With a natural honey gold colour, shot through with hints of red, and no-chill filtering, this luxurious whisky boasts a delicious berry and citrus palate.

“Upon the first sip and tasting it, I got a good hint of berries with stronger notes of mandarin and on the end where root ginger makes itself known. The stand out feature was the long lingering notes so these flavours stuck long with me, not a taste and evaporate from this one!” – Ryan

Displays of whisky at The Clydeside Distillery with the tagline 'Almost enough whisky...'

Following the tasting, Ryan and James had the chance to explore the distillery further and got hints of some of TCD’s plans for age-statements in the future, as well as catching up with Distillery Manager, Alistair McDonald and Founder and Chairman (and Whisky Icon), Tim Morrison.

Ryan Miller with Norry Wilson, Freelance Journalist, and Alistair McDonald, TCD Distillery Manager

It was a delight to celebrate this launch with the Clydeside Team, and we hope you’ll join us in raising a wee dram to their continued journey into ‘quality, quality, quality’ whiskies!

You can purchase Clydeside Napier in-store and online, along with their inaugural core release, Stobcross and their Limited Edition Cask Strength Single Malt.

If you’d like the chance to explore the Clydeside Distillery, you can book a tour via their website.


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