Happy #AmarettoDay2023!


We're celebrating #AmarettoDay2023 here at Geraldo's with a showcase of one of our favourite Italian liqueurs: Amaretto Adriatico.

Image of two variations of Adriatico Amaretto on the bonnet of a vintage car

Adriatico Amaretto was inspired by the founder, Jean-Robert Bellanger's mother, who always made Tiramisu with two drops of Amaretto.

Adriatico Classic Roasted Almond uses only natural products and offers a unique floral finish. A liqueur rich in innovation, created using roasted "Filippo Cea" almonds from Puglia in Italy, it has delicious notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and coffee, with a pinch of saline salt from the Adriatic sea.

For a truly Italian experience, why not try The Godfather cocktail:

An alternative to traditional Amaretto is the Adriatico Bianco Crushed Almond. This white liqueur is made with the same "Filippo Cea" almonds as the original, but this time crushed instead of roasted. The almonds are shelled and processed into an intense white almond powder that is then transformed into a delicious, creamy white almond liquor with a tempting vanilla note.

For ultimate indulgence, why not try The Liquid Tiramisu cocktail:


If you're still not sure which of these delicious liqueurs to go for, join us for a free tasting this Saturday, 22nd April between 1pm - 5pm. No booking required!


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