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Situated in a small valley on the ancient historic Ardgowan Estate, near the village of Inverkip on the West Coast of Scotland, work has now started on the construction of Ardgowan Distillery. It is here that they intend to create one of the world’s truly great whiskies. The build project will be completed late in 2024 and whisky production will then commence.

A frosty day on the Ardgowan Distillery Site

The team at Ardgowan are committed not only to building the first distillery in the area for 100 years but to ensuring it is entirely carbon-negative. This endeavour, much like great whisky, needs time. Construction began in October 2023, and as of the beginning of April 2024, the roofing and cladding has begun!

Meanwhile, off-site, Briggs of Burton are busy manufacturing the all-important stills and other distillery equipment, ready to be put into place later this year.

"Whisky is made from four simple ingredients…fresh spring water, malted barley, yeast and the skill of great whisky makers. However here at Ardgowan, we believe that there is one other ingredient that is of critical importance in creating the amazing variety and complexity of the world’s greatest whiskies. An ingredient which enhances the aroma of the whisky, deepens its colour and, above all, perfects its taste. And that ingredient is time." - Ardgowan Distillery

The Ardgowan estate is the site of a natural spring which provides water of exceptional purity and sweetness. It is also close to the sea and the warming effects of the Gulf Stream, all of which makes it the perfect place to produce an exceptional Single Malt with distinctive maritime characteristics.

To learn more about the Ardgowan construction journey, visit their website. 

In the meantime...

While we all eagerly await the first expression from this incredible site, Master Whisky Maker Max McFarlane has brought together some of the finest malts and grains to create The Clydebuilt Colleciton

Ardgowan Whisky Clydebuilt Collection

Some of the greatest ships in the world were built on the River Clyde, and the phrase ‘Clydebuilt’ came to capture this tradition of building with precision, integrity and pride. Clydebuilt Whisky is a limited edition collection of six meticulously crafted whiskies inspired by this proud tradition.

The first four whiskies all snapped up a host of awards from The Scotch Whisky Masters, The Scottish Whisky Awards, World Whisky Awards and many others! The final two in the Clydebuilt range have just been announced:

Anchorsmith: Anchorsmith is the penultimate bottling in the award-winning Clydebuilt Collection - a unique, limited-edition blended malt combining six distinctive whiskies from Lowland, Speyside, and Highland distilleries. Each of these whiskies was fully matured in first fill oloroso sherry casks, before being handpicked by our master whisky maker, Max McFarlane. 

Draughtsman: Draughtsman is the final bottling in the award winning Clydebuilt Collection. Master whisky maker Max has married sherry matured twenty-five-year-old malt whisky with eight-year-old oloroso matured malts sourced from distilleries across Scotland. The result is a truly luxurious blended malt showcasing the best of sherry matured whisky and the art of blending. 

Explore this range of delicious drams online and in-store, and join us in-store for an exclusive tasting on Saturday 25th May 2024!


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