Ballotin Gift Box of Parisian Creams

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A customer favourite!

Traditionally known as Parisian Creams, the original recipe for these old favourites of Duncan's was acquired in recent years by The Caledonian Confectionery Co who commissioned The Isle of Arran Chocolate Factory to produce them once again.

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Geraldo's is the only UK mainland stockist of most of the Arran range of chocolates plus all 12 Parisian Creams. Despite their name, the method used to create this smooth centre has been a Viennese recipe for generations with the mixture being gently stirred and not whipped, thus creating a velvety smooth fondant centre rather than an airy texture.

The delicious fillings are enrobed in thick dark chocolate couverture and they literally crack open and melt in your mouth.

Nothing compares!

How to store your chocolates.

The full selection of all twelve flavours is available in this ballotin gift box.

Box 1: 12 chocolates (1 of each flavour) - £8.50

Box 2: 18 chocolates - £13.25

Box 3: 30 chocolates - £19.95

Box 4: 39 chocolates - £26.50