Anthon Berg Marzipan Cakes

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Anthon Berg is one of the oldest manufacturers in Denmark producing quality liqueurs and individually wrapped marzipan-based mini liqueur cakes.

The Strawberry & Champagne flavour is the best seller and they're delicious served with a cold glass of Champagne or Prosecco.

In the 18th century, a green grocer named Anthon Berg decided to try his hand at producing the coveted marzipan delicacy in Denmark. Driven by impeccably high standards and a relentless dedication to perfection, his quality products soon became a hit among Copenhageners.  In his later years, Anthon Berg passed on his company to his son Gustav, who honoured his father’s wishes to never produce anything but the highest quality chocolate - a family oath that has been kept to this day. 

These smooth marzipan-based mini liqueur cakes are available in a variety of flavours.  

Net weight: 220g