Small Changes To Help Our Environment


The Woodland Trust

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow is putting the global climate crisis firmly on centre stage in November. Whilst many large corporations are leveraging their weight behind the event, it’s vital that small businesses like us also improve our environmental footprint. We're doing our bit to minimise waste, reuse and recycle and have set up a new partnership with The Woodland Trust.

Minimising Waste, Reusing & Recycling

Over the last year we've had to adapt considerably to the ever-changing environment due to Covid-19. The e-commerce arm of our business has grown substantially which has resulted in distributing thousands of parcels a year via courier across the UK. In addition to this, we've seen a rise in uptake of our free local delivery service within Largs & nearby villages. We’ve been looking at ways (no matter how small) to take a more environmentally friendly approach to packaging, delivery and waste.


With the rise of our local deliveries we purchased a fully electric van which allowed us to deliver across the local area with minimal impact on the environment. We’ve made changes to our packaging too using paper and biodegradable gift bags, 100% recyclable bottle bags and our hugely popular Chocolate Taster Packs now comprise a recyclable insert and fully compostable label and bag. We reuse as much of our packaging as possible from suppliers’ deliveries to package our online orders too.  After all, it's what’s inside the box that counts!

New Ice Cream Spoons

Our luxury ice cream has always been a key part of our business. With around 30,000 ice cream tubs being sold with individual spoons throughout the year, we decided to change from plastic to fully compostable spoons to reduce plastic waste as much as possible.

The Woodland Trust Partnership

Climate change is very real and we feel that we all have an individual responsibility to do something about it now. Keen to establish partnerships with environmental charities, The Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, was the ideal choice for our business. Woods and trees are a natural solution to the climate crisis and, in addition to planting trees, The Woodland Trust transforms landscapes, protects woodlands and restores fragile habitats. It’s the perfect way for us to give something back and mitigate our carbon footprint. We look forward to working with the charity and contributing to their outstanding work.

Working With Like-Minded Suppliers

Sapling Vodka

As we approach Christmas and our shop becomes an Aladdin's Cave of festive gifts and treats, we're working with like-minded suppliers as much as possible to provide products that not only taste fantastic, but also contribute to a more sustainable future for us all. 

With the purchase of Sapling Vodka for instance, a tree is planted for every bottle sold. You can even go online, enter the code from your bottle and find out about your tree. Buy one, get one tree!  In advance of COP26, why not join us at our free in-store tasting to find out more and sample this deliciously crisp and smooth vodka on Saturday 30th October, 1-5pm. 



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