BUT FIRST - Ice Cream!


It never ceases to amaze me how, at the first sign of sunshine, people come out in their droves to the seaside town of Largs.  Top of everyone's list when they arrive is to treat themselves to ice cream and a walk along the promenade.  When the sun arrives at last, it's warmer, brighter, there's a smile on everyone's face and the queues for our ice cream are steady.

Why come to Geraldo's? 

Geraldo's Ice cream

Well, we're not the biggest in town, and we wouldn't be so boastful to proclaim we're the best (we'll let you be the judge of that), but we do like to do things a little differently.

Different - but traditional!

 There's no getting away from the fact that good quality ice cream contains a generous amount of double cream.  That's the part that lots of bigger producers cut down on because it's so expensive and they scrape by with little more than 5% cream whereas our recipe is carefully balanced with less sugar but almost 10% fat.  Very creamy, rich and ultra decadent but without any cheap, nasty fillers so it's gluten free too.  We also consider those of you who have food intolerances or allergies and have a few flavours free from dairy and mostly made with almond milk so vegans LOVE Geraldo's.

Geraldo's ice cream 

All our ice cream is hand made so we like to ripple with lots of fun stuff like Oreo Cookie pieces, chunks of Cinder Toffee and for the more adventurous palates, chunks of Sicilian Lemon pieces combined with Crystallised Stem Ginger.  We don't skimp on our inclusions either.  You'll find them all the way to the very last bite and not just sprinkled on the surface for decoration.

Our nut pastes come from Piemonte in Italy where they have the best Italian roasted nuts and the difference in taste is incredible.  Everyone goes nuts about the flavour!

And then there's our selection of cones and toppings!  

Choose from wafer cones, plain waffles, waffles dipped in chocolate, dipped in nuts, dipped in sherbet and dipped in just about anything you can imagine to add to the whole experience.  We have a huge selection with at least 8 to choose from at any time including a plain waffle which is gluten free; hugely popular with those of you who are on a free-from diet or have food intolerances.

How about some toppings for that?

 Then we'll switch your attention to our topping station where you can choose from the myriad of rainbow sprinkles, mini mallows, caramelised nuts, vermicelli, fudge fingers, '99 flakes, bubblegum sherbet, jelly teddy bears, white chocolate drops and oh....the list is endless.
Geraldo's toppings

If all that's not enough, you can choose from a Regular Sundae or a full on Deluxe Sundae and have your choice of ice cream and toppings topped off with some warm Nutella sauce served straight from our giant chocolate tap at the window.  You can even fill your cone with it then top it with your favourite ice cream. 


Whatever you choose we're here to serve you during the summer season from 10am in the morning till 10pm at night EVERY day of the week. 

 See you in Largs next time the sun is shining!

Toni x




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