Celebrate World Gin Day 2023


World Gin Day

Saturday 10th June is World Gin Day; a time to celebrate all things gin on a global scale! Whether you are already a fan of this juniper spirit or yet to discover the wonders of gin, World Gin Day is the day to try something new, explore different serve suggestions and enjoy all things GIN. 

The Gin Boom

Gin has become one of the trendiest and fastest growing spirits in the UK in recent years, but it was originally produced in Holland as a medicinal drink in the early seventeenth century. Of course, you can still take it medicinally - sometimes nothing else will hit the spot on a Friday evening better than a G&T!

Geraldo's Staff Raise a Glass
A few of the Geraldo's staff raise a glass to the end of #GinADayMay 2023

We're seeing some other spirits on the rise these days, but gin has definitely established itself as a classic, go-to spirit for everyone. It's come a long way from the 'mother's ruin' of old!

Gin at Geraldo's

At Geraldo’s we are huge supporters of the gindustry and work closely with gin producers from across Scotland to bring new and exciting gins to our customers both in our shop in Largs and online. Our knowledgeable staff are accredited Gin Ambassadors and are always keen to help you choose the perfect gin for you; whether it is a gift or to add to your ever growing gin drinks cabinet!

A selection of gins at Geraldo's

This Saturday, 10th June, we are celebrating World Gin Day with a tasting of the delightful Ben Lomond Gins. Join the Geraldo's team between 1-5pm to learn more about some of our gins, pick up some serve suggestions and simply have a gintastic day!

Ben Lomond Gins

If you can’t make it to Geraldo’s for World Gin Day, then why not do your own tasting event at home? Find your perfect gin online or in store.

Happy World Gin Day Everyone!


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