Why is Arran Gin our best selling Scottish Gin online?


It's no wonder this is our number 1 selling gin in store and online!  Launched in 2018 on the Isle of Arran by four islanders, including a local shopkeeper and an artisan baker, the first batch sold out in a matter of days.  Thankfully, stocks have grown sufficiently so that mainland retailers can now offer this fantastic Scottish gin in store and you can buy Arran Gin through our website.
We were delighted to host one of the co-founders, George Laird and his wife, in Geraldo's for an in store tasting and what a day it was too.  Gin lovers queued and gathered at our tasting table for several hours while George shared his passion for this very distinctive gin.

What makes it so different?

Experienced gin lovers may have heard of a 'loaded gin.'  This is when there is a much greater amount of botanicals packed into the still than is considered normal for a craft gin.  It's a big tasting gin packed with the island's hand-foraged wild botanicals including Hogweed Seed, Meadowsweet, Fuchsia, Sea Lettuce and Noble Fir and is quickly converting many men to gin with it's punchy, distinctive taste and long, smooth finish.

So what's the perfect serve?



It's a great sipping gin - neat over ice with an ABV of 42%.  Regular tonic is great with Arran Gin but Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic will give a more floral G & T.  For something different, try Bitter Lemon with lots of orange peel and ice and you'll have a really refreshing drink.

And if you want to try something really different or indeed as a 'Hair of the Dog' hangover cure try:

The Corpse Reviver No. 2

Rinse a cocktail glass with a dash of Absinthe

Mix the following:

25 ml Arran Gin

25 ml Cointreau

25 ml Lemon

25 ml Lillet Blanc or Dry Vermouth

Shake well

Strain, serve over crushed ice in the cocktail glass and garnish with orange.







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