Niederegger Marzipan Bar enrobed in Milk Chocolate

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House of Niederegger in Lubeck, Germany make the most delicious marzipan bars and loaves. Since 1806 Niederegger has only used the highest quality raw ingredients to go into making the premium marzipan it is renowned for. Once tasted, there is no comparison between this and cheaper marzipan pastes with added sugar.

It is the only premium manufacturer still producing its own almond and sugar paste.  The Mediterranean almonds are still roasted in traditional cauldrons and production is personally supervised by a master confectioner on a daily basis to create a real masterpiece.

Unlike other producers, Niederegger use only sugar, rosewater and almonds. Sticky, yellow cake marzipan for instance will typically have no more than 25% almonds and 75% sugar but Niederegger uses 58% almonds, 7% rosewater and a dash of brandy meaning the sugar content is way lower than inferior marzipan.  This is why it's considered as the best marzipan in the world.

This Niederegger Marzipan Bar is enrobed in a thick Milk Chocolate. A real treat for the tastebuds!

100g bar