Cheese to make you smile



If just saying 'Cheese' can make you smile, imagine what eating it will do!

Cheeseboards are often the finale of a luxurious dinner party with luxury crackers, chutneys and nibbles. Having a selection of gourmet artisan cheese that appeals to everyone is always an easy win and we're delighted to have established a partnership with I.J. Mellis to offer you an indulgent cheeseboard range.

I.J. Mellis work closely with small-scale producers and their cheese is expertly matured by their affineurs in Edinburgh guaranteeing quality and great taste. We've put together a little guide to creating your perfect cheeseboard. Read on to find out more.

What to include on your cheeseboard

To create a well-balanced cheeseboard with differing, complementary flavours that everyone can enjoy, follow these few simple rules. Choose from pasteurised and unpasteurised cow’s milk and goats milk cheeses for the full range of flavours.

Hard Cheese

Hard Cheese

Choose from our exciting range of deliciously creamy medium-matured and rich, savoury fully matured Cheddars or crumbly Cheshire-style cheeses. Gouda also comes into this category. The versatile nature and popularity of hard cheese means it is an absolute must on any cheeseboard – and the best place to start when creating your own. Why not try Connage Gouda from Ardersier in  Inverness?

Soft Cheese

Clava Soft Cheese

Ranging from melt-in-your-mouth to fresh and bright with sweet and buttery flavours. The ever-popular Bries and Camemberts are cheeseboard staples and yes, you CAN eat the rinds or pop it in your stockpot or soup. The deliciously smooth, creamy and award-winning Connage Organic Clava Brie is an absolute must on any cheeseboard.

Blue Cheese

 Blue Stilton

Deliciously rich creamy blue light cheeses to fully-fledged rich, ripe Stiltons. Not all blues are strong. We're sure you'd find your favourite. We love Colston Basset Blue Stilton which is the ultimate pairing cheese and has the perfect creamy texture and slight pepperiness from the balanced level of bluing.

Goat’s Cheese

Goat's Cheese

Soft and creamy with a pleasant tart flavour. Goat's Cheeses range from fresh citrussy to stronger, earthy tastes. Blackmount Goat's Cheese from Lanarkshire is soft and creamy with a pleasant tart flavour that builds, and foundations of fresh milk.

How to cut your cheese

Cheese comes in all shapes and sizes – how do you cut it to make sure everyone has an equal share of both the inside and the rind?

Round Cheese

Cut into equal wedges by first slicing across the middle then working around the circumference of the cheese.

Log Cheese

Slice horizontally to create several small rounds.

Soft Triangular Cheese

Ideally everyone should get a piece of the nice, gooey ‘nose’ from a wedge of Brie. Cut off the tip of a broad wedge then cut long slices from the remainder.

Hard Rinned Cheese

Avoid long, thin slices. Make your first cuts parallel to the ‘back’ of the cheese until you reach the last third, then change direction to cut the back edge at right angles.

Wedge of Blue Cheese

Cut equal slices at right angles to the back of the cheese.

Cheese Care

Cheese selection

  • Keep your cheese in the original wax paper or greaseproof paper as it allows the cheese to breathe and avoids the build-up of excess moisture.
  • Most cheeses prefer to be kept between 8C and 15C – a cool larder or the salad drawer of the fridge is ideal. Try not to store on the door as this is generally the coldest part of your fridge.
  • Try not to store cheese with strong smelling foods.
  • Always bring the cheese to room temperature before serving.
  • If stored correctly, you can expect the cheese to last for up to 14 days.
  • Surface mould can occur on your cheese.  Don’t worry!  Just lightly scrape it off and enjoy.

Perfect Accompaniments

IJ Mellis Biscuits for Cheese

Enjoy your curated cheese selection with traditional Scottish oatcakes, savoury cheese crackers and crunchy biscuits. Serve with spicy and exciting relishes or fruity chutneys.

For something new and exciting try our intense and zingy fruit jelly to spice up your cheeseboard.

Alternatively, a slice of Ashers whisky fruit cake with your cheese is a wonderful pairing at any time of the day.

For more information and fun facts check out ‘The Philosophy of Cheese’ by Patrick McGuigan, professional cheese taster and judge.

Lastly...don't forget the whisky, wine or port





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