Scottish Water for Whisky - Connoisseur's Tasting Set

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An ideal Father's Day gift for a whisky loving dad. This Connoisseur's Tasting Set includes three different spring waters from sources close to some of the popular Distilleries in 3 of Scotland’s Whisky Regions.  Add a dash of Uisge Source (pronounced ‘oosh-guh’) to bring out the best in your Scotch whiskies.

This Tasting Set includes:

  • 3 x 50ml bottles of each regional spring water
  • 3 glass pipettes for those who like to add a few drops at a time
  • A wooden display handcrafted from the stave of an ex-whisky cask.

The Drop that Makes the Dram

Most spirits are enjoyed with a mixer and for many whisky is no exception.
Ask the experts how best to enjoy a dram and many will suggest a dash of spring water.

Water can be the key to unlocking a great whisky”, says whisky expert Richard Paterson. “It can greatly enhance your enjoyment and expose some of the inner treasures in the whisky that are not revealed at higher strength.

So what type of water should we add to our whisky?

According to the Whisky for Everyone website,

“Tap water in most locations world-wide contains high levels of chlorine and this will partially mask the flavours of the whisky."

So your dram deserves better!

In order to retain the true characteristics of the whisky, many experts recommend adding water from the same source as the whisky.

Uisge Source (pronounced ‘oosh-guh’) bottles spring waters from each of the main whisky regions, solely for the purpose of ‘opening up’ a dram.

A hard water, rich in minerals, from the Highland region, a soft low-mineral water from Speyside and Islay spring water which is higher in natural acidity.

The chemistry of Uisge Source waters matches the chemistry of the waters used in whisky distillation to make the ideal complement for your dram.

Whisky distillers have spent decades carefully selecting their malt whiskies for us to enjoy, so why would we not put the same care into the water we add to it?

After all, it is The Drop that Makes the Dram!

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