Vegans will go nuts about our Walnut Whirls!


Who can remember a couple of years back when Nestle announced they were removing the walnut from their new line of Walnut Whips after the price of nuts soared?  Outrage!  The Company announced the new range of 'Walnot Whips' would cater for people who didn't like nuts. Ha!



These traditional family favourites were originally produced by Duncan's of Edinburgh (who also happened to produce our best selling Parisian Creams) as far back as 1910 and were always, always topped with half a walnut.  

Thankfully, a wonderful couple called Mike and Avril Briggs based in Suffolk have produced a truly premium range of this timeless classic.  What's more, they're suitable for vegans and vegetarians and even the packaging is fully recyclable.

Each one is made with rich dark chocolate containing 56% cocoa solids and absolutely no bitterness and the shell is then hand piped using premium chocolate truffle filling, capped with chocolate icing and beautifully finished with a light golden half walnut.  

Simply bite off the walnut and sink your teeth into the rich, thick chocolate; it's a vegan wonder and in one word - delicious!



 Give them a try and just click to buy!


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